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One Day, One City, One Street

Southsea Fest is the south coast’s award winning annual all-day music festival, serving up the best of emerging bands and artists from across the British Isles and beyond.


Future Of The Left Temples Veronica Falls Splashh Drenge Spectrals The JCQ Mugstar Anamanaguchi Misty Miller Bangers Pariso The Computers Arrows of Love Foy Vance Superfood The Family Rain Atlas Losing Grip Thumpers Beans on Toast Joe Black Night Engine Scholars Crushed Beaks MT Eagulls Cheatahs Loom JC Satan Mine Calories The Black Tambourines MMX Kimberly Anne Traams Giants Best Friends Sons & Lovers Wild Smiles Ben Marwood Cosmo Sheldrake Physics House Band Flyte Bad Grammar The Cut Ups AK/DK Jaws Nai Harvest Curxes Black Manila Slowcoaches Stagecoach Tripwires F.Emasculata Shinies Temple Songs Let's Talk Daggers The B of The Bang Retrospective Soundtrack Players Kassassin Street Kal Lavelle As Elephants Are Yoofs Svalbard Wet Nuns Oliver Wilde Jamie Parisio Bermuda Ern Her Parents Playlounge Fighting Fiction The Boy I Used to Be. Olivia Sebastianelli Protein Window Razoreater New Desert Blues Doctrines Tyrannosaurus Dead Cycle Schmeicel Battery Hens You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons Elliot Kozlik Watashi Calcutecs Summerslam 88 Echoes Dolomite Minor Gunning For Tamar The Lion And The Wolf Theo Birdskulls Bad Guys Fawn Spots The Hundredth Anniversary Dead Rabbits The Jorneta Stream Noyo Mathis Blood Sport Ricky Fitts Still Bust As It Is Big Fin All We Have Jungfrau Axes Oxygen Thief Radstewart Pluto Rise Acres Sisters Nathan Detroit Yards Jess Wyldes And The Stallions Tidal Wars Bellyeyesmile Crows Pivotal Lay It On The Line Delta Sleep The Divorcée The Unknown Soldiers Someone Died Andrew Foster Kill Kasper The Day of Rabblement Samphier Movie Night Lucky One Dies First Maths & The Moon Fever Will McNicol Jerry Bright Smoke Floella Grace Lucy kitchen Matt Jarvis Pompey Pluckers God Damn


Early Bird Tickets

Advanced Tickets

Limited number of early bird tickets available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Adult Tickets

Advanced Tickets

Tickets are exchanged on the day for wristbands granting access to venues and activities.

Tickets will also shortly be available from a number of local outlets.

Young Persons

Young Persons Ticket

For ages 12 – 17 years.

Children aged 12 and under are free, but must be accompanied by a paying adult

Under 16’s must be accompanied by over 18’s (under 18’s not allowed in all venues. Access to venue times for under 18’s varies between venues).

Further Information

About Us

Southsea Fest is the UK’s premier independent music festival showcasing the best of new music from around the British Isles and beyond.

One day in September over 100 bands and artists will descend upon the City of Portsmouth to perform in front of nearly 3,000 people across a dozen stages all within stumbling distance of each other along Albert Road, Southsea.

It all kicks off around midday and runs right through till early Sunday morn, with wristband granting access to all the venues and activities (subject to venue license). This year we will celebrate the 6th anniversary of Southsea Fest!

Southsea Fest has been voted the Best Event 2010 and 2011 in The News Guide Awards.


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