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  • Following the release of her EP ‘Absent’ in August 2015 (Propriety & Till Deaf Do Us Party Records), Annabel has received national airplay on XFM and was described by John Kennedy as "the next big one." Playing shows with DIY and Killing Moon across the winter, Allums live reputation continues to exceed.
  • Arcade Hearts - Four spritely males from the south coast of England, that have spent the last few months as a fresh new band, blasting a handful of gigs in; London, Portsmouth and Southampton with Indie - Psychedelic - Alternative - Dance tracks. There is pure chemistry on stage and their bond is only getting bigger. Currently awaiting a release of their first track.
  • archie langley
  • Arrows Of Love are, above all, a live phenomenon. Originally aligned with the early East London wave of bohemian rock bands, it was their fiercely independent and creative drive that has taken them across the globe, to the likes of SXSW and End of the Road, to sharing stages with the likes of Buzzcocks, British Sea Power, 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The King Blues and many more. It’s on stage where London's own Arrows truly hit home.
  • Born from the promise of intertwined fingers, Aviv and the Eunuch Horn have been building steadily for almost a year, flirting with genres and time signatures.
    Aviv and the Eunuch Horn
  • Baba Naga are shamen in a world where the existence of souls is denied. They offer worship for those who acknowledge the nihility of deities. Baba Naga offer stories in song, and give hopeless prayer to the people. The gods are dead, but the people need to worship something. The music is a peregrination from desperation to despair, channelled into euphoric, psychedelic, pagan gloom. The live show is moody, trippy, a sickening high without narcotics. Although the members of Baba Naga neither smoke the Devil's herb, nor ingest psyychotropic drugs, their doomy, shoegazey gigs are often described as making people feel as if they are stoned.
  • Bad Breeding reflect the pain and frustration of small town Britain, and the lack of opportunities therein. Manifested through a dynamic collision of Joy Division, Minor Threat and Motörhead, you can be sure of plenty of savage guitar work and pounding drums, but always with a huge dose of melody.
  • Band Battery Hens promise songs of salvation to salve the soul through the medium of their self-titled EP and sequel EP Guts.
    Battery Hens
  • Bear and the Woods
  • Listing all the good reasons to form a band Bear Trade describe themselves as a band “with a love of the punk and the rock and the beers and the gigs and the just having fun.” Bear Trade pack a punch with their punk based sounds.
    Bear Trade
  • Bel Esprit was a fund Ezra Pound made for T.S. Eliot to get him out of his day job and write poetry full time. It is now also a band. A 4-piece indie/alternative rock band based in Southampton, Bel Esprit brings the youthful energy of the noughties indie scene together with the artistry of Andy Warhol’s factory and the beat generation.
  • belligerence
  • blackfoot circle
  • With an aim to play what comes naturally, as loud as possible and with absolutely no gimmicks involved, South west three-piece Black Foxxes have pricked the ears of Kerrang!, Rock Sound, MusicWeek, The Independent and Punktastic, among many others, in their short career to date.
  • Full of mass Indie appeal Black Honey have been noted by The Guardian as ones to watch in 2016 and if music were to be physically categorized should be filed alongside Lush, Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey, Cowboy Junkies.
    Black Honey
  • Birthed from fire and thunder, sexual spittle & south coast surf foam. Bo-Sonics are some kind of alternative.
  • Spirited Clandestines Raised Under Formidable Ferocious Spells. A movement bound by the key, a secret history of the world unfolding in audio and visual temptation. An irreplaceable atmosphere released upon their audience, they are powerfully seductive, addictive and an all giving being released in a full frontal freaky swing. Driving straight through the mainline taking you on a ride through the ghetto hill tribes minds. 2015 saw the band release their debut EP and tour the full length of Mainland Europe and the UK. Currently working on releases marked for release later this year Brahma-Loka are not to be overlooked. An organic machine in in motion, a four membered chord struck by the sole idea of one.
  • breathe panel
  • buddha blood
  • Busty and the Bass is a nine-piece collective of musicians from across North America who met during their first week studying music at McGill University. Originally born out of small Montreal house parties, over the last three years 'Busty' has evolved into a tight electrofunk band and become one of Canada's most vibrant and exciting new bands.
  • High-speed riffs and anthemic choruses that hit you at almost every corner. The Southampton four-piece make one hell of a racket and recently supporting The View, Spring King and The Big Moon the future is bright for these boys
  • Tipped by Total Guitar as one of their favourite new guitarists to hear in 2016 for the “epic electric odes and spacious Americana” found on her previous 'The Fault Line' EP, Charlotte has also received acclaim from NME Magazine, Best Fit, Clash, described as being “a young artist capable of applying an enormous impact”. Her recent EP released June 10th 'The How Are We Ever To Know' EP comes indebted to the blues, as Carpenter turns her articulate song writing to a deeply personal experience. With early support from Edith Bowman at Virgin Radio and Dermot O’Leary on BBC Radio 2, It’s an intimate story told first hand, peppered with the kind of delicate nuances you’d expect from PJ Harvey or Cat Power, scorched with feeling.
    Charlotte Carpenter
  • Chrissy Barnacle is a human and story teller from the grimey shores of the Clyde who writes honest and impatient nylon stringed folk about, among other things, cannibal rats, magical hazelnuts and the impossibility of love"
  • Classically Handsome Brutes may have been Yorkshire’s best kept secret in 2015, but it’s all kicking off for the Leeds post­rock math­core trio renowned for their raucous live performance which leaves venues crumbling in their wake.
  • Based in Brighton and Portsmouth, Clayton Strange have been making music together for over a decade bringing together sharp jagged guitars, heavy drum beats and immediate melodies to drink and dance to. The band put out their EP “Obviously Up on Modern Culture” a few years back, following it up with a UK tour and notable shows with Let’s Wrestle, CSS and The Joy Formidable. Live shows are where it all comes together, and the band are hyped to announce their return after a few years hiatus to play some high energy sets at Victorious Festival and Southsea Fest in 2016.
  • Coasts are a rock band from Bristol best known for their singles ‘A Rush Of Blood’ and ‘Oceans’. Having featured on primetime reality TV show Made In Chelsea and their single ‘A Rush Of Blood’ being named Zane Lowe’s record of the week they are sure to deliver a brilliant set at Southsea Fest.
  • Plymouth lefty roots-punks. Formed in 2005. A grizzly mess of protest song, post/hardcore, Americana, anarcho-punk and classic rock’n’roll.
    crazy arm
  • daniel eagle
  • In the UK, Dead Rabbits are regular fixtures in Southampton, London and Manchester, amongst other places, and have played gigs with luminaries such as The Wands and Band Of Skulls. Dead Rabbits are inspired by a variety of bands - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Velvet Underground, Jesus & Mary Chain, Spiritualized and more making their sound hard to pin down or pigeon hole.
    Dead Rabbits
  • devin jade
  • doe
  • This ain’t your average house party. Dream Wife invite you to jump into the mosh pit. London based musicians Alice, Bella and Icelandic singer Rakel formed at art school in Brighton where the project began as a performance art piece. Dream Wife make music embracing their love for edgy pop. Oozing girl power the music juxtaposes simple pop hooks, cutting riffs and screamy dreamy vocals. The world of Dream Wife is brought to life with; roaring live shows, an empowering attitude embracing the strength of femininity, and collaborations with vibrant creatives of the London scene.
  • Drug Store Romeos are a three piece hailing from Hampshire. The young shoegazers are making a name for themselves in Guildford, and are hotly tipped for big things with a handful of fantastic songs. They are definitely one to watch and definitely one to go see!
    Drug store Romeos
  • The five-piece post-punk band Eagulls garnered plenty of press attention with their strongly worded open letter taking shots at parent funded bands, bands that incorporate Afrobeats, bands with ‘‘mock cockney accents’’ and a long list of other band traits they dislike. Their rebellious write up backed up with their angsty sound means they have been surrounded by support from notable artists such as Manic Street Preachers making them unmissable.
  • eat fast
  • WTVR offer up the best of post punk, 8 bit electro-accordion rock.
  • "Emptifish were to Portsmouth’s music scene in the ’80s what The Beatles were to Liverpool’s at the start of the ’60s. Playing to packed crowds in small clubs across the city, the band captured the zeitgeist. Dressed in sharp suits and shades, the smart image of bandmates Georgie Wipeout, Ian Sonic, Ricky Sonic and Damian O’Delic belied the anarchic streak in their punk-infused music, which was the soundtrack for local teen culture and the infamous 6.57 crew." The News
  • eyes to the skies
  • Fever began as a "Heavier take on surf rock, featuring distorted guitars, vulnerable yet passionate vocals and memorable melodies" according to the NME. The South Coast four-piece have picked up momentum since then with their take on the darker shades of indie. Since Releasing debut single ‘Shell Shock’ and later track ’Sucker', FEVER have gone on to support buzz makers YAK, Black Honey, Johnny Lloyd, The Big Moon, Pretty Vicious and Hooton Tennis Club, causing a stir with “music you might swing your record bag to” say Beat Magazine. This may be why they’ve earned the backing of radio stations such as BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, KEXP (Seattle) and XFM, whilst also playing at festivals such as Common People and Main Stage at Truck Festival.
  • Fizzy Blood are a band born from ambition, determination and resilience. Based in Leeds, UK, their refreshing musical bravery has seen them shed any traces of the generic with their own brand of retro-inspired rock. Despite only having been together since 2014, the band have a number of tours and international shows under their belts.
    Fizzy Blood
  • Formed at the end of 2014, we write music with a focus on punchy indie songs with catchy riffs and addictive melodies. In just over a year we have played lots of Portsmouth, London and Southampton shows, supported TEMPESST at The Old Queens head in Camden and played to packed crowds at 2015’s Victorious Festival and 2016’s Icebreaker Festival, as well as a few sell out headliners in Portsmouth.
  • foxer
  • Fugitive Orchestra makes music which sits somewhere in the middle of a vicious brawl between Jazz, Blues and Alternative, uneasily drinking an Espresso.
  • Birthed in the summer of 2014 at a Canterbury club night called Hoochie Coochie, brothers Eric (guitar, vocals) and Jimi Tormey (drums, vocals), alongside bassist Joe Hunt, formed an alliance to bold sonic and artistic realms anew. Teaming with Margate-based promoters Art's Cool, Gang developed their own scene, putting on DIY shows in miniature theatres, disused art studios, and even bowling alleys, to showcase new music, art and poetry that had crawled out of the sea-soaked woodwork.
  • GET INUIT are a self-described dirty indie pop band from Kent. The band are one of the most talked about new acts in the UK and with a debut album on its way, 2016 is going to be an exciting year for Get Inuit.
    get inuit
  • glass
  • gravel rash
  • hang dai
  • Hannah Lou Clark caused a stir with debut EP ‘Silent Type’. The follow up ‘It’s Your Love’ solidified Hannah as one of the UK’s brightest prospects. A self-assured artist writing infectious, visceral and twisted pop. Support tours with the likes of Ezra Furman, Thurston Moore and Gaz Coombes, Hannah’s reputation for delivering stunning and beguiling live performances continues to grow.
  • Formed by brothers Rich and Neil Mandell and Phoebe Cross back in 2014, Happy Accidents craft the kind of earworms that will be rattling round your head for months to come - fusing their deep-seated love of 90s punk and indie, whilst still managing to sound as fresh as any of their contemporaries. Quickly making a name for themselves in DIY punk circles, they've shared stages with the likes of The Front Bottoms, Martha, Muncie Girls, and countless others.Following the positive reception to their self-released EP, the band took the collective decision to move beyond the home recording equipment and travelled to Leeds' Greenmount Studios to record their all-important first album.
  • Happy Meal Ltd are somewhat of a mystery. No real social media presence (aside from a pretty whacked out Tumblr page), no music online to listen to, and the only real videos available are shitty Instagram ones or if you're lucky you'll find a live one shot by April at the So Young party last week. One thing is for sure: they're going to be huge and it's not going to take long for everyone to figure that out, if they haven't already.
    Happy Meal Ltd
  • Glaswegian noise pop duo Honeyblood formed in early 2012, consisting of Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale on guitar and vocals and Shona McVicar on drums. The two took inspiration from dark and cloudy '90s indie rock luminaries like PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, and Throwing Muses and filtered it into a gorgeously murky home-recorded sound of their own, quickly growing a local profile and eventually opening shows for the likes of Sleigh Bells, and even performing at bigger festivals. The group's grassroots two-song demo cassette quickly caught the attention of FatCat Records, which signed Honeyblood in 2013 and issued their first single, Bud, later that year. The duo's self-titled album, which was produced by Peter Katis, arrived in July 2014 and delivered a more polished version of Tweeddale and McVicar's crunch-pop. Shortly after Honeyblood's release, McVicar left and was replaced by Cat Myers. ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi
  • ''Honey Moon is a new London outfit, stepping onto the scene with an easeful, lazy-day glow that mixes Real Estate’s gorgeous aesthetic with something more identifiably British." - DIY Magazine
    honey moon
  • horseflies
  • hummune
  • HUNCK were born out of the post-riot depths of Tottenham in 2013. Estranged childhood friends Frederik and Thomas reconnected after a series of heartbreaks, losses and unfortunate events to indulge and share their love in the gloomier sounds of long dead crooners such as Al Bowlly and Frank Sinatra.
  • Love at first sight, Indigo Child have us hook, line and sinker with ‘Feel Good Summer Song’, a debut track that sets the London two-piece out as kaleidoscope-loving giants-in-the-making. The kind of monstrous, shameless guitar work absent from Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’ steals the show here, but everything built around the hook could be from the brains of Kevin Parker, too. A special first work." - DIY
  • With support from KEXP to NME and having been described as a "bombscare of a band", Is Bliss's pulverising, haze filled, psychedelic sound is an intoxicating journey full of gorgeous whirling guitars reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Brian Jonestown Massacre. Having released 'Desire' on Strong Island Recordings, after a hiatus due to personal reasons and having since undergone line-up changes, Is Bliss are set to release their follow up single'Ocean Blue' on Club AC30 and debut EP in October on the seminal shoegaze label.
  • ISLA
  • Jack Francis is a Singer/Songwriter from Southampton, UK. Since starting to perform his music in public in March 2015, Jack has been steadily winning over new audiences with well crafted songs performed with raw passion. Having just completed recording on his first EP, he is now ready to bring is unique blend of Folk, Soul, Country & Americana to a wider audience.
  • Jalou’s dreampop beats come straight from Southsea’s streets as they describe their journey of coming together as a band of old friends with new guitars. The guitars have been sold for rent money and the schedules might have changed but the music has evolved into beautiful droney guitars and haunting vocals.
  • Jesse Wyldes and The Stallions are a Southsea based Grunge/Surf outfit that dress as sharp as they play, and bring a sleazy, heavy, western style. Led by front man Jesse Wyldes and backed up by the force of the Stallions, brings you a sound that has been described as "the love child of Nick Cave and Tom Waits" and "Dick Dale surfing a tidal wave of blood".
    Jessie Wyldes and the stallions
  • Four arms, four legs, two heads, wood, metal and plastic. JOHN return to Southsea after playing two sets in twohours at the last festival. Bring your swim suit, it'll get hot.
  • Hailing from London two piece Riot Girl band Kamikaze Girls create a moody mix of fuzzy, angst-ridden, noisy alternative rock. Their debut EP will be released this year.
    kamikaze girls
  • Plymouth raised but currently living in Southsea, Kelly Kemp is an acoustic singer / songwriter with her roots in punk rock. Having toured all over Europe with different musical outfits Kelly is currently recording her first full length LP at Darlington Studios, Portsmouth.
  • 15 year old Lewis Smith is happiest when he is in front of an audience. The Southampton based singer song writer began gigging in May 2015 and hasn't stopped since. Inspired by music from the 1950's to the present day, Lewis puts his heart and soul into every show.
  • Blending the fuzzed-out delivery of The Fall and The Country Teasers with the seedy noisiness of the Birthday Party, post-punk band LICE are liberatingly discomforting and gloriously heavy. Over the past few months they've had a run of incendiary gigs including support slots for The Fat White Family, The Fall, Bad Breeding and Warmduscher as well as several blistering headline shows in Bristol.
  • Indie Rock trio Little Comets received widespread radio play with their debut single ‘One Night in October’ with support from BBC Radio 1 DJs Huw Stephens, Zane Lower and Sara Cox. Since then they have continued to grow from strength to strength with their trailblazing sound.
    Little Comets
  • little giants
  • lower slaughter
  • Southampton Songstress Lucy Kitchen has recently been recognised for her ethereal folk ballads having made the finals of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, resulting in 4 shows at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.
    Lucy Kitchen
  • Singer-Songwriter Lucy Rose has graced the soundtrack of many of your favourite hit TV Shows ranging from Skins, The Vampire Diaries and Girls with her haunting vocals. Having worked with Bombay Bicycle Club and Manic Street Preachers as well as being featured as Vogue’s Artist of the week in the past she brings an impressive back catalogue of songs to Southsea Fest.
    Lucy Rose
  • Me and the Moon
  • Melt Dunes are a journey into the darkest netherworld of the psychedelic realm. Brooding guitars and synths, distorted fuzz and tortured wailing vocals, the quartet are the soundtrack to your worst nightmares with their maniacal, heady garage-psych, shamanic sound. The young quartet will see the release of their debut EP in Autumn and are quickly gaining a reputation as one of the finest new live acts in the country with their frenetic, mind warping-psychedelia in the vein of The Black Angels, King Gizzard & Bo Ningen.
    Melt Dunes
  • MIMRA is the guise of Icelandic singer and composer María Magnúsdóttir. MIMRA’s music is an eclectic sort of orchestral folk pop, at time hauntingly soft and beautiful, at times rising like a North Sea wave and breaking into powerful rhythms. MIMRA is currently based in The Netherlands where she is also performs and writes as a member of the electro-pop band Early Late Twenties.
  • Mint Gun Club is an English band from Portsmouth formed in early 2015 they played their first gig in April supporting Corners and Morning Smoke.. Led with Hillier's symbolic lyricism, agile delivery, Day's overdriven, crooked reverberation, Davie's galloping, hip firing, full-toned rhythmic patterns and Sivyour's commanding drum riff's and spellbinding tapestry. The four piece cultivate together inside a shaken musical snow globe. Capturing a psyche swell with harmonious, poetic tones but an undercurrent bite thats tougher than the hair of the dog.
  • Mystery Jets burst onto the indie rock band scene with debut album A Decade Of Dens. Since their debut album they have juggled different concepts from album to album effortlessly. Now 20 years since their formation they are a firm fixture of the British Indie genre.
    Mystery Jets
  • NGOD
  • It has been a fantastic year for Leeds based soft grunge duo Night Owls - signing to London based Till Deaf Do Us Party Records and releasing an EP to much acclaim from the likes of Upset and The Skinny. Firm favourites of BBC introducing West Yorkshire, they have recently been confirmed for a highly coveted slot at Reading & Leeds Festival and are already gearing up for EP number 2.
  • NUMBER 9
  • When October Drift appeared at the start of 2015 with their beefy yet melodic sound, they had the confidence to win over all audiences. Ever since then, from multiple sold out tours up and down the UK, to growing online hype around their sparse but eloquent releases, they’ve done just that, becoming a major success story on the independent circuit. Despite the early success of their incendiary debut singles – receiving support from Steve Lamacq, John Kennedy and Q magazine to name but a few - and string of sold-out gigs, this band still remain something of an enigma. October Drift’s music is similarly ambiguous, characterised by their signature wall of sound guitars, soaring, ponderous vocals and driving, urgent drums. And while staying independent and playing every town and city that will have you isn’t exactly the stylish thing to do in 2016, October Drift’s irresistible combination of feedback and harmonies deserves to shake every room in the country. The band have gained a reputation for delivering blistering, high-energy live shows. Indeed, their first tour sold out before even releasing their first single, such is the buzz around their live performances. With shows at BBC6 Music Festival, Dot to Dot, Tramlines and Camden Rocks already under their belts alongside a cult fan base spreading the word, and a focus too few peers in their position possess, the immediate future is very bright (and very loud
    october drift
  • Northampton five piece, OhBoy! pick up where the 2015 New Year hangovers have left off, exploding into a brand new year full of intent, and out to prove themselves as definitive ones to watch - with the deliciously infectious 'Carrot And The Stick' kicking off a mouthwatering hint at what's to come from this magnificent band of melody infused, slacker pop heart-string pullers.
  • Palm Honey are a Reading/London based four-piece that take influences from the psychedelic, shoegaze, electronic, noise and krautrock worlds to create their very own blend of experimental pop, providing a mixture of sweet, catchy melodies, noisy freakouts and extended jams.
  • Phantom Runners first came onto the scene in the form of an art rock band but is now exploring a new sound, taking notable influence from the likes of Years & Years, Caribou and Michael Jackson. It’s fragments of early Janet Jackson meets Blood Orange & Sky Ferreira. It’s music to drive to at night. It’s Phantom Runners.
    Phantom Runners
  • quiet man
  • Red Seals have been assaulting audiences with their take on tinnitus inducing angular scuzz rock since 2012. Blending waves off cavernous fuzz guitar with off kilter beats and vocals drenched in Dadaist perversity theirs is a puke that draws from a plethora of food groups. 'Like Pavement being viciously assaulted by At The Drive In' said someone about them sometime in the relatively recent past but if said now would still be fairly accurate. They released their debut single 5 a Day last year before taking a break to raise pups. New release scheduled for Autumn 2016.
  • Remedysounds is an award-winning loop pedal artist renowned for his raw vocal talent, skilful guitar playing and beat-boxing. After playing over 300 shows in 2013, and his completely unique live on-stage set-up and captivating live sets have won him a large online following of dedicated fans.
  • Playing multi-genre progressive dance-rock, with a tropical jazz twist... These guys sound like the best summer you've ever had.
  • Since their formation in 2014, blues-rock powerhouse Saint Agnes have gone from strength to strength, releasing two sell out singles, a live EP and cementing their place as London’s most exciting live band.
  • ne thing we guarantee you’ll say when you see Science of Eight Legs is ‘how on earth do they make that sound with just two of them’? Scott Reynolds and Michael Breach met at Southampton’s legendary Joiners venue and bonded over their obsession with sound. Happily, they’ve turned that obsession into one of the most spellbinding live shows you’ll ever see.
  • These guys breathe new life into an increasingly growing underground scene. Their primary influences are blatant, with hooking beats like The Prodigy and Pendulum with a unique blend of vocal styles reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine and The Beastie Boys. Seething Akira create something personal but show the ability of becoming front runners in an ever growing popular genre. Hot of a EU tour, and other Festival dates, you’ll not hear anyone else like these guys from the South coast!
  • Shit Present are an energetic indie/punk four piece from the south West. Releasing their second EP this year on Specialist Subject Records.
    Shit Present
  • Shoot The Duke are an energetic acoustic three-piece hailing from Portsmouth, UK. What really makes the band stand out is their great charisma and personality that shines through when they are performing on stage from their line-up of Tom Bryan - guitar and vocals, Neil Cripps - guitar and vocals and Sam Weeks - cajon. This trio have created their own unique sound by combining confident vocals, bluesy guitar solos, moody 'dub-esc' guitar rhythms and sometimes a hint of train-track harmonica. They draw inspiration from a wide variety of artists from The John Butler Trio, to Biffy Clyro.
    shoot the duke
  • Showhawk Duo
  • Popular Portsmouth trio The Boy I used to be bring together all the elements of garage pop, pyschadelia and folk to create a sun drenched sound.
    Show Room
  • sink or soar
  • sleepwalker
  • The three of us (Rizzi, Ad and Jasper) started making basic rap songs with a ghetto 12 track. After much messing around we began to hear potential in our music and couldn’t stop creating, so we decided to seek out other members to form a full band. The additions of Marcus, Hugh and Luke transformed us from 3 mates just having fun making music, into the full blown energetic sound that is the S.M.I. today.
  • Smoke Fairies is the project of Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire. The pair met at school in and discovered that they felt more of a connection to classic rock, folk, and the blues than the more modern music that the other kids listened to. While they were still in school, they began crafting their own take on those sounds incorporating their delicate harmonies, and named themselves Smoke Fairies after mystical creatures who scare and confuse late-night drivers.
  • Strange Cages have been hailed by popular music publications Gigslutz and Q as "… sounding like they’ve been plucked from a scuzzy dive bar in California circa 1967" and ‘‘sleazy psych rockers’’.
    Strange Cages
  • The Tangerines is the acid part of rock'n'roll, his hidden face more heavier, more noisy, more contemporary. A wild mix of rhythms and ethyl sounds. Everything explodes in atmosphere turned on the edge of trance, in an electric show fully controlled by the newcomer band from Mons. Their first album "Somewhere Behind The Noise" will be available this year under licence Anorak/PIAS.
  • Teenage Caveman grew out of DIG, a non-profit art space, co-founded by a collective of artists. Our sound evolved through severe limitations - playing fast and loud in a freezing cold warehouse on dodgy equipment. Through collaboration with our friends, we were able to organise gigs, film music videos and record our EPs independantly on a tight budget. We continue to be inspired by the musicians we meet through Londons DIY scene and have been embraced and supported by the community! We aim to carve out space for ourselves in traditionally male dominated environments - and make people dance! TC sound like Sleater Kinney, ESG and Mission Of Burma.
  • Tellison is a four-piece waking-nightmare of a band from London, UK. Formed in 2005 out of a shared love of unsuccessful indie rock bands of the late 90s and early 00s Tellison have released three albums (2007's "Contact! Contact!", 2011's "The Wages of Fear" and 2015's "Hope Fading Nightly") and a clutch of sold-out singles. They write imperfect songs about hope, loss, love and literature.
  • tempesst
  • 'Temples of Youth are a two piece electronic band from Winchester, UK. Often compared to the likes of Daughter, Beach House and London Grammar, their sound consists of powerful female vocals, against a soundscape of ambient synth and shimmering guitar. Paul Gumma and Jo Carson tackle some heavy themes, but they're buried in subtlety
  • the bayonettes
  • The Big Moon bring back the best of the 60s sound through their songs such as ‘Suzie’ and ‘The Road’. Describing their aesthetic as ‘trying to seduce but stepping in dog poo’ the band presents a confident approach to indie.
    The Big Moon
  • A band that has ‘built a reputation of blowing the roof over every venue they play’, a band that is ‘impossible not to dance to’, The Brandy Thieves are one of most exiting live acts in the Midlands and by combining gypsy rhythms and punk energy, ska grooves and folk storytelling, the band has also created a sound that is uniquely their own. Fronted by the powerful vocals of ‘The Tattooed Woman’ Andrea Kenny, the band have been packing out venues and headlining festival stages across the midlands and released their debut album ‘Old Tattoos’ in the Spring of this year. ‘Raucous’ ‘Infectious’ ‘Enthralling’ and ‘Captivating’, the five piece are sure to be the highlight for many gig and festival goers this year. The Brandy Thieves are a band not to be missed.
  • Some say 'those who can't do - teach', we say teaching is hard. Those who can't play - start a Garage band. We are 3 losers that have blagged together some noise tools to try and find some substance in the Cosmos. Our favourite chords are A, D & F. Not necessarily in that order. Start a band with your mates, keep at it, even if you suck, thats what fuzz & reverb are for. If you can open a beer bottle with your own shoe then you can JOIN OUR BAND!
  • the day of the rabblement
  • Southampton trio The Diamond Age is a newly formed project from Matt Canning, Bilu Acharjee and Steve Barrett. Specialising in propulsive dream-pop, the band fuse together elements of indie, shoe-gaze and kraut-rock to create music with immediacy and melody at its heart, drawing influences from The Smiths, The Drums * LCD Soundsystem to a name a few.
  • Formed in 2015, The Gillies combine punk, metal, and indie rock to create a uniquely grunge sound which would appeal to fans of Nirvana, the Smashing Pumpkins and The Wytches. With catchy riffs, aggressive distortion and haunting vocals from brothers Lucas (Vocals/Guitar) and Kristian (Bass/Vocals) they’re thrashy, angst-ridden tunes will be stuck in your head for days. In addition to Ben Thomson’s (Guitar) mind-bending solos and Louis Moore’s (Drums) driving rhythms the four-piece are a 90s throwback but still crucially modern.
    the gillies
  • The Response was formed in early September 2013 in Portsmouth, UK, by Jonny Hoskins (Guitar and vocals) and Matt Gudgeon (Bass and vocals). In October 2014 Chris Harris joined the band, filling a vacant drummers position. Since then The Response have played venues all across Portsmouth and never disappoint. The Response aim to entertain with a demanding stage presence, a infectious rock vibe, crossed with driving bass lines and scintillating guitar hooks. When all seems lost, we are The Response.
    the response
  • The V2s - Bournemouth based alternative/psych 4 piece who have recently supported acts such as Yak, DMAs and Telegram. The V2s have become known locally for their energetic live shows at local venues such as The Joiners. The band continue to self produce and release tracks that give their own take on the 60s/70s psychedelic era with a modern touch.
    THE V2'S
  • Tibet present the crowd with pumped up pop hits to make sure their melodies are spinning round in your head for weeks with singles such as ‘I’ll Put You in My Pocket’.
  • 21 year-old singer-songwriter fresh from his debut release and a sold out headline show at Winchester's Railway Inn. Writes songs about everything from long-distance relationships to student life with a soulful inflection and intricate lyrics.
  • veludo planes
  • Violet Mud are a 4-piece outfit on the south coast bringing in a wide array of elements from heavy music – the noise and hard, sludgy riffs – and combining it with a spaced-out, often psychedelic groove. Pulling influences from all across the punk/rock spectrum, their sprawling, ever-shifting sound is hard to pin down. Constantly drifting in between the light/dark, subtle/in your face dynamics, their compositions wind away from expectation into the unknown.
  • 3 piece garage rock / grunge band from london, playing shows and making songs.
  • vulgarians
  • As any of its members will tell you, the phrase ‘Vyk Non’ technically doesn’t mean anything, but it’s only fitting that the London-based four-piece should identify themselves using words of their own devise. With a cacophony of noisy guitar and caterwauling vocals over a powerful rhythm section as spiky as their name, Vyk Non are past caring about how other people define them. Vyk Non are bound together by an apparent enthusiasm for zebras and sounds that come out of left field. But unlike so many experimental acts who lose both their audience and themselves in their meanderings, Vyk Non's vice grip holds their listeners fast regardless of how far off the beaten path they go. Though still nascent as a unit, members of the blistering artpunk act boast a wealth of experience both in the UK and abroad, including stints in hotly-tipped London acts Dressmaker and Sheen
    vyk non
  • Wax Machine’s music is reminiscent of The Velvet Underground with laidback singles like ‘Cigarettes and Tea’ and ‘Watermelon’.
    Wax Machine
  • Willowen are a quartet from Bournemouth who have pioneered the exciting genre of Indie-Quirk Folk. Fusing three part harmonies, indie rock ethics and a folky twist, the band has been described as a quirky mixture of folk and Fleetwood Mac. They have performed at Isle of Wight Festival, Larmer Tree Festival and Purbeck Folk Festival in recent years, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of KT Tunstall, The Wurzels, Paul Heaton (The Beautiful South/Housemartins), We Were Evergreen and 3 Daft Monkeys to name a few.
  • wizard sleeve
  • zenthetix